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October 10, 2019
Calmly CBD

So, you own and business and want to carry CBD!  One option is to create your own CBD brand, the other is to buy pre-labeled product from a company like Calmly CBD.  There are pros and cons to each, so let's discuss...

Creating a CBD Brand

We are going to assume you have explored a company name, web address, banking, and filed for the appropriate licenses in your State.

Now, the fun part...choosing a supplier and a product line!  To find a supplier, you'll need to decide if you want full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate based products.  Calmly sells broad-spectrum products that we source from Folium Biosciences in Colorado. One of the road blocks for start-up CBD companies is the cost of entry.  Many suppliers have multi-thousand dollar minimums, including Folium. Our wholesale program is a bit different.  We buy in bulk so you don't have to.  Our minimums are low, and our pricing is often less than if you were to buy directly from a manufacturer.  

After choosing a supplier and product line you will need credit card processing that allows CBD sales, and product liability insurance.  We can assist in these matters.

Here are a few pricing examples from our white label program:

250mg Tincture: $7.91 @ 100 minimum

1000mg Tincture:$19.73 @ 100 minimum

10mg Face Mask: $3.87 @ 80 minimum


Buy CBD products from Calmly

We love to provide labeled products to retailers in the US.  This can include grocery stores, convenience stores, salons, vape shops, tobacco stores, boutique clothing stores, cosmetic stores etc.  There are no minimums to purchase our products, and delivery is free with only five items.  Since Calmly products have zero-THC, our products are federally legal in every state, but check your local laws before selling CBD in your location.  We carry full product liability insurance.

 Here are a few starting price examples from our labeled wholesale program:

250mgTincture: $14.00

1000mg Tincture:$31.00

10mg Face Mask: $5.00

Now that you have all of the info, please reach out to us with any further questions.  We'd love to chat about your goals, and help your business enter the CBD space!

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